Old Croft Shire Stud specialises in breeding and showing Shire horses, the "Great Horse" that can trace its ancestry back to the time of William the Conqueror and is the cornerstone of our long and great traditional English Heritage. The horse has been amazingly versatile over time, initially starting as a war horse carrying Knights into battle, then due to their tremendous size and power making the transition to heavy farm work and powering the agricultural and industrial businesses that forged the way for Great Britain to prosper in the 19th & 20th Centuries. From a humble cart horse the modern Shire has developed and changed drastically through selective breeding, and while there are still definite distinctions in "type" between traditional Shires and Modern Shires, many are now used for showing and have a very modern conformation much akin to their ancestral cousins the Clydesdales, which have added very silky feather and good movement to the breed among other desirable attributes now sought after in the breed.

Set in the Heart of the Fens, Old Croft Shire Stud endeavour to breed and produce top quality Shire horses. We are well positioned to breed top quality show horses, with our carefully selected stallions to compliment our powerful true to type mares. Top quality conformation, powerful size, and amiable temperaments are all factors we take into account- as well as a top pedigree of course! We like horses that are full of character and represent what a Shire Horse is truly known for- their power and majesty.

We have sold many horses abroad and in the UK in recent years, meeting the customers needs is one of our main goals. We enjoy meeting new people from all around the world, and we will make the customer feel welcome with a good experience in buying a Shire horse. We are happy to help with export paperwork, arranging vettings and arranging transport.

Our Colt foals may be offered for sale at weaning time which is late summer/Autumn. However if you are interested in any of the horses we have please feel free to enquire.

Our Passion is breeding and showing our horses, and we are lucky to have some of the best horses in the Shire breed to work with. We hope you enjoy the website and see us in the Show ring near you soon!!



Honey 1st place 2yo & Res. Female Champion




Picture Credit: Farma Mysletice





To actively breed modern Shire Horses with correct confirmation as described in the Shire Horse Society Breed Standard, and temperament to be suitable for all disciplines.

To show quality Shire horses that have the desired Conformation, Power and Movement to Win in competitive show classes.

To help and promote the Shire Horse.

Flaming enthusiasm, backed up by horse sense and persistence, is the quality that most frequently makes for success. ~ Dale Carnegie